DICKSDAILY was born on 1st September 2001. The idea was to take a picture everyday - to make sure my camera went wherever I did - and here we are nearly six years later still going strong.... and more importantly, still going everywhere with a camera!

In the early days Dicksdaily was shot exclusively in digital (you can imagine how great my cameras were six years ago!) but as time has gone on, so my cameras have gotten older and clunkyer. Ebay has been my mistress and I now own far too many cameras to un-embarassingly mention here. But the highlights are:


Nikon D200/D70 [mostly for work]
Pentacon Six TL's
Nikon FM2n - IMHO the worlds BEST manual 35mm SLR
A battered Nikon f801
A Holga 120GFN, with polaroid back, 35mm adaptor and Fisheye lens - used in various combinations.
Lubitel 166b


Nikkor 50/f1.8
Nikkor 18-35/f3.5-4.5
Nikon Series E 28/f2.8
Nikkor 70-210/f4-5.6
Nikkor 35-70/f3.3-4.5
Carl Zeiss Jena 80/f2.8 Biometer
Carl Zeiss Jena 50/f4 flektogon
Carl Zeiss Jena 180/f2.8 Sonnar (with the best Bokeh in the world)


I Shoot Ilford B&W and self develop in Ilfotec chemicals, For Colour I use almost exclusively Fuji PRO400H and have a small stockpile of Velvia Slide film.

All the film is scanned on the love it/HATE canon Canoscan 9950F.