Balfron Tower I
On the Goldfinger hunt again - this time somewhere that I've passed by more times that I can remember and only now made the effort to stop and look and photograph. Balfron Tower was build by Erno in 1967 and it's first inhabitants moved in during 1968 (the same year I was born) Erno and his wife lived for two months in flat 130 on the 26th floor - ostensibily to find out how the building functioned and to try and learn for future projects - naturally it was also something of a publicity coup. To call Balfron Tower beautiful isn't really possible - it certainly has very striking features and cannot fail to move you - if nothing else in an almost menacing way - so much so, it has been considered almost military in it's design - I think a modern castle is more apt - the gangway to the main entrance enhancing this description. What moves me about this building - and of course it's sister Trellick Tower - was that they were conceived as being the pinacle of good and practical design and that Goldfinger genuinely believed in the fact that this type of living would only benefit those who took up residence. Sadly I don't think the councils who ran these places felt the same and we all now know the consequences of those councils and their actions.